What are Vintage Clothing Patterns

To fully understand what vintage clothing patterns are we must first know what vintage clothing is. Vintage clothing is simply a term used to describe second hand clothing or new clothing that resembles clothing from a previous era. This type of clothing gets the name vintage from the wine term meaning old.

Generally, if the clothing was made before the 1920s it would be fall under the category of antique clothing rather than vintage clothing. Vintage clothing most commonly refers to clothing produced between 1920 and the 1980s.Vintage clothing is most often found at flea markets and old warehouses or at estate sales and it has usually been worn before. Vintage clothing patterns are patterns that are used to sew clothing from an era that would be considered vintage.

In the years covered by vintage clothing not much clothing was mass produced but rather was sewed at home on the family sewing machine. Companies such as McCalls, Simplicity, and Butterick among others produced the patterns for their most popular styles and mothers bought these patterns for making clothing for their family. The clothing made off of these patterns were not only handmade, but many of the women sewing them added their own special touches. This clothing was durable and made from some of the finest materials available.

In the 1980s and 1990s vintage clothing started popping up on some celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Kate Moss. This has brought vintage clothing back into style but if the clothing is not the original piece it is being mass produced under designer clothing labels.

Vintage clothing patterns are becoming increasing popular as collector’s items and can be found in many flea markets, vintage clothing shops, and online auctions. Some women are making clothes from these patterns and some are saving them as a reminder of a time when fine clothing was made from a mothers loving hands and the sweat of her brow.

If you are interested in more information about vintage clothing patterns and would like to possibly obtain some for yourself a good site to view popular patterns is Vintage Clothing Patterns.


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